Financial donation

How can I donate?

You can make a financial donation to APROP in various ways:

Via Paypal Donate

You can transfer your donation using Paypal Donate (click the Donar button on the right). Our account is

Via Cash donation

At the shelter or in a collection tin at a local business

Via Teaming

Donate €1 per month via the Teaming scheme.

Our teaming group is called APROP Protectora d´animals de Pego, follow this link

Teaming is a great way to donate money to APROP. €1 a month seems like a tiny amount – to small to make a difference – but if enough people team, small amounts of money can build up into significant amounts.

The other benefit of Teaming to APROP is that we know that we will be getting the same amount of money from you and other Teamers every month, which helps us with our budgeting, rather than just relying on ad-hoc donations.

Bank Transfer.

IBAN ES52 3058 25857327 2000 5772

Attn. APROP, Pego.

Can I support a specific project?

Yes, although we normally limit this to larger projects (simply to keep the administrative effort to a minimum). You can see the current ‘projects’ that are running by clicking the button below:


How much does it cost to run an animal shelter?

More than you might think! Our volunteers give freely of their own time (despite their other commitments) but there are things that just have to be bought with cash. To give you an idea, these are some examples of the typical costs we incur. These costs do not include bedding (which is often donated), transportation (again, provided freely by our volunteers), rent for our site and so on…

The EssentialsCatDog
Sterilisation (once per animal)
Essential Vaccinations
Flea & Worming Treatment
Dry Food
Wet Food
Gastrointestinal Food
Average annual costs per animal

At any given time, we have 5-20 dogs and 20-60 cats. Given the numbers above, you can get an idea of our costs…