• Cat of the Month

    Cat of the Month

    Cat of the month: Santini The name Santini is of Italian origin and means "small Saint". So if you would
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  • Kittens!


    Gatitos, die Kleinen, Kittens, de kleintjes APROP has many small, adorable, kittens available for adoption currently. For further information please
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  • Dog of the month

    Dog of the month

    Dog of the month: Brave Brave is our dog of the month for August. Brave is a 3 year old
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Brave is a male podenco, large. He was rescued from the streets in Pego, where he had been on his own for quite some time. He was rather timid in the beginning, even managed to escape twice from the shelter (a real Houdini he turned out to be), but never moved far, as he now knows life is safe at the shelter. After he met some of our lady podencos, he lost his timidity, and is now a joy to the eyesof all volunteers, with his happy smile and clownesc behaviour.

Brave is free of diseases, vaccinated and castrated.

Would you like to get to know Brave? Contact us: (+34) 611 08 5024 (ES) (+34) 605 57 5883 (EN, Dawn) (+34) 654 61 6043 (EN, Moira) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.