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  • Award for Louisa

    Award for Louisa

      Lockdown award! Luisa was nominated for a number of lockdown awards, best at maintaining social distancing with strangers, most mentally affected by self-isolation resulting in snarl to straight face in six seconds, most attractive in mask and gloves, quickest, but not necessarily most hygienic hand washer, the nominations are endless. However Luisa rejected any award, she’s a don’t give a damn about frills and frivolity type of girl, and traded it for extra dinner rations just in case there were any shortages. Read More
  • Award for Ambra

    Award for Ambra

    Lockdown award! Ambra who must have had the most kennel moves during lockdown or during any other time in history, now get the latest lockdown awar. This is a bit of an in house joke as the volunteers cannot decide if Ambra should be part of the front Podenco gang, or the back house crew, consisting of Pirata, Angel and Tracca (I know who I would choose if I ever need any form of back up ) You never know what kennel she will be in when you turn up for your shift. After much toing and froing she has been Read More
  • Award for Zippo

    Award for Zippo

      Lockdown award! The most chilled cat around, Zippo is the perfect calm, soothing influence when crisis hits. Read More
  • Award for Peanut

    Award for Peanut

      Lockdown award! Peanut moved into the Garden Pens with the adults recently and has settled in brilliantly and made friends with everyone.  He is a perfect demonstration of how everyone should get along together in lockdown. Read More
  • Award for Nit

    Award for Nit

      Lockdown award! Nit thinks she is in charge but the other cats don’t always appreciate her attitude, which can be a bit overbearing.  So, she is the perfect candidate for ensuring social distancing is maintained. Read More
  • Award for Bamba

    Award for Bamba

      Lockdown award! Our supermodel of the dog world, the ultra-chic and elegantly equipped Galga girl, Bamba. Awarded for maintaining her extreme elegance 24/7 during the most anxious of times. Read More
  • Award for Choco

    Award for Choco

      Lockdown award! Now this award is something that we can all relate to during the lockdown and that is the weight issue. Is it because we are not doing as much exercise, cooking and baking more than we ever have or just eating because there is sod else more to do ???? Anyway the award to most weight gained during lockdown goes to our chubby Choco, who to be fair, does not move much during normal times. Read More
  • Award for The three Amigos

    Award for The three Amigos

      Lockdown award! The award for most consistent behaviour throughout the lockdown, before the lockdown, during changes of lockdown and whilst easing of lockdown goes to the three amigos, Angel, Pirata and Tracca !!! Consistently true to themselves and wary of all things great and small bless them. Read More
  • Award for Koba

    Award for Koba

      Lockdown award! Our next candidate is the beautiful Koba. Winning the best guard dog at all times in difficult circumstances except when he has a ball, or a toy, especially a squeaky toy, or a piece of material, or wood, or plastic..... Let’s rephrase. The best guard dog at all times in difficult circumstances EXCEPT when he has something, anything, that to him looks remotely interesting and therefore a toy to be played with. Read More
  • Award for Katy

    Award for Katy

      Lockdown award! This award is to our very special Katy who has very high standards when it comes to cleanliness and taking care of her appearance. She has put on a very brace face during these testing times and deserves an award for the girl most in need during the lockdown. You are a real trooper Katy! Read More
  • Award for Ronald

    Award for Ronald

      Lockdown award! A very important award this one. We are all looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained, be it binge watching the latest season of Ozark, watching your latest batch of bread proofing in the sun or just painting stuff. So the best entertainment award during lockdown goes to Ronald who every day keeps the crazy Podenco bitches entertained and to be fair keeps the volunteers watching pretty amused as well. Well done Ronald. Read More
  • Award for Olivia

    Award for Olivia

      Lockdown award! The disarming Olivia is next up for a lockdown award. We have lost count of the number of sleepovers, country weekends and beach breaks this girl has been to, so the award for the most pyjama party invitations during lockdown goes to our mature society girl, Olivia  Read More
  • Award for Rubio

    Award for Rubio

      Lockdown award! When we decided that our doggies deserve some recognition for their sufferings during one of the harsher lockdowns in Europe, we found that our first award should be to our long term, APROP legend, who managed against all the odds to get a very decent haircut, Rubio.  Read More
  • Award for Baloo

    Award for Baloo

      Lockdown award! Baloo is always at the front of the queue whenever there are any treats are around.  He said he would make sure everyone got their share but we are not so sure.... Read More
  • Award for Fluffy

    Award for Fluffy

      Lockdown award! Fluffy lifts everyone’s spirits with her cuteness and glamorous fluffiness Read More
  • Award for Mia

    Award for Mia

      Lockdown award! Mia always looks immaculate and her coat changes with the seasons: long and luxuriant in the winter to keep her warm and smooth and sleek for the summer months.  Even in lockdown it is important to maintain appearances. Read More
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