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APROP is a registered charity rescuing and re-homing abandoned cats and dogs in Pego and surroundings. Many of the animals that come into our care are sick, starving, hurt or have been abused. In the APROP shelter they receive all the care they need to get back to health and happiness.

APROP has a NO KILL policy for healthy animals. Every animal that enters our shelter will be safe from harm and hunger for the rest of its life.

We see it as our mission to protect the voiceless. We RESCUE, CARE and REHOME.

We work closely with the local authorities, the police and the local vets. Everyone involved is focussed on the welfare and Care of Animals in Need.

Our adoption groups have contacts all over Europe, and it is in many European countries, of course including Spain, that we find new homes for our animals.

APROP receives funding from the local council, but these funds cover only one third of our expenses. For the remaining funds we depend on the generosity of people.