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Adopt a dog from APROP

Well, there is one of our dogs that you fell in love with, and you want to make it part of your family. What will happen now?

  1. APROP will have a small interview with you, to find out about the new living situation for the dog.
  2. APROP will do a house check, to see if where you live is suitable for our dog.
  3. A pre-adoption contract is signed. This is a trial period of usually 2 weeks for you and the dog, to see if you are suited for each other.
  4. If all is well, the final adoption contract is signed, you have found yourself a new family member. 

Total adoption fee is €150, this covers chip, passport and vaccinations. Of this, €50 is payable on pre-adoption, the balance of €100 to be paid on signing the adoption contract.

Pre-requisites for adoption are:

  1. You have to be of legal age and you will have to identify yourself with a piece of identity (DNI, NIE, NIF, Passport).
  2. If the dog you adopt is not yet neutered, you are obliged to have this done as soon as medically possible.

Signing the adoption contract means:

You look after the dog in the most optimal way and to provide it with quality food, exercise, education, time, shelter, space, etc. Give your dog all the veterinary care it needs.

You do not use it for reproduction or breeding

You inform APROP about all changes related to the dog (change of contact details, if the dog is lost or had died, etc.)

You take the dog back to the shelter if you can´t take care of it anymore and not to abandon it.
You accept the follow up of the dog in his new house.

About adoption fees:

APROP is a volunteer run dog shelter; we depend on the Pego counsil yearly contribution and private donations to be able to give the best possible care to our dogs. The adoption fee of €150 is a contribution towards all the veterinary costs for the dog whilst in our care, this includes all the required vaccinations, treatment for common parasites (internal and external), the microchip and the dog passport and all other veterinary costs including spay/neuter surgery.

APROP reserves the right to refuse to give a dog in adoption when the adopter fails to meet the requirements. Furthermore, APROP reserves the right to reclaim a dog when the adopter fails to meet the requirements.