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Dogs of the month: Podencos!

This month is Podenco month. We have 6 Podencos at Aprop looking for homes and we will be giving you more information on each throughout the month.

Podencos have been around for a long time….some saying the breed goes back thousands of years. They are sighthounds, who are nowadays mostly used as hunting dogs in Spain and therefore a lot of them are abandoned when they are no longer deemed as useful.

Although used as hunting dogs, they actually make great pets. Your home is forever changed with the love of a Podenco (or two!). These gentle, graceful animals can bring so much joy into your life … with their goofy and playful antics, to their loving and soft nature. It's not unusual for some to be a bit shy and timid, especially around people.

They themselves love nothing better than being outside soaking up the sun. Typically with high energy levels they suit a home with active people. They do have a high prey-drive, so it will take patience to master recall off the lead. Due to their gentle nature they respond best to positive training methods … some can be a little stubborn when it suits them … you will get used to that!

They have such a unique look, with their long legs (most types) and long bodies and their ever so distinctive pointy-up ears. They are beautiful animals that deserve to feel the love and care of being part of a family. Open your heart to a Podenco and you will not regret it!

Would you like to get to know our dog of the month? Contact us: (+34) 611 08 5024 (ES) (+34) 605 57 5883 (EN, Dawn) (+34) 654 61 6043 (EN, Moira) Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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