Welcome to the APROP animal shelter in Pego, near Denia, Alicante. Our mission is to rescue and re-home abandoned cats and dogs in the Pego area

3rd AnniversaryWell, as many of you know it was our anniversary celebrations today. On the Paseo de Cervantes many of our volunteers were active to show the town of Pego what the shelter does and, of course, to show our gorgeous dogs. The event consisted of a a doggy walk through Pego and a number of dog shows. All were a big success! At the stand information was given out and there was food, drinks and merchandising for sale.

It was so wonderful to see so many of our current and previous dogs there. Some coped better than others. The event was well attended and supported, which was great to see. Golfo, bless him, was rather overwhelmed by it all. Having grown up at APROP all the people, cars, noise, music etc. was a little too much for him and that famous piggy tail disappeared between his legs. Choco amazed me, being overweight and a touch on the lazy side I didn’t think he would cope with the long walk there and back. But accompanied by Gordon and Moira he did and was exceptionally well behaved in the company of so many other dogs. Nora took it all in her stride, rolling over for belly rubs at every opportunity. Wade was another who under the guidance of Kathy Haley was also really well behaved, as was Mrs Musa who was Richard Morris’s plus one for the day. All in all a good day for APROP and our adorable furry friends.

We would like to give a big thank you to:

- All the people who have participated in the walk, in the exhibition and the competitions.
- Those who have collaborated by buying and donating in the stand.
- The volunteers who have taken Nigel, Alma, Sort, Musa, Tino, Golfo, Sara, Yago, Simba, Nora, Wade, Afro, Choco, Katy and Menut from the shelter so they could enjoy a morning of freedom.
- The volunteers who have been attending the rest of the dogs in Aprop.
- The volunteers who have been at the stand.
- The adopters of animals of Aprop.
- All the sponsors of the event.
- Mascotetes Denia and Hairdressing Cap i Cua de Pego for organizing the dog show.
- And, above all, to the volunteers in charge of organizing the event. It has been a success!
We are very happy with the reception of the event! Thank you for participating, collaborating and supporting Aprop.
Next year more and better! We are going for the fourth anniversary! Because Aprop is more alive, latent and visible than ever! Everything for those without a voice!!!