Gender Size Born
Female Adult March 2017


The Marilyn Monroe of the cattery with her little beauty spot, Tacha is a real top model. Beautiful, pristine and so cute, she is a head turner. Look into her eyes and you will melt. Tacha has blossomed from a frightened cinderella into the belle of the ball and has the personality to match. She is quirky and quick, looking for that stroke and cuddle and making herself known to all who enter the cattery. Who could refuse her? She would be ideal in any family, would be good with children.

Tacha was found in November 2017 living rough under cars on the streets of Pego. People were leaving food out for her but winter was coming and Aprop was called to help this poor little girl in rags. She was cold, filthy grey and terrified. No-one came forward to claim her and now is her time to find a happy home.


Would you like to get to know Tacha? Contact us: (+34) 611 08 5024 (ES) (+34) 634 30 6265 (Steve, EN) (+34) 687 66 2301 (Mich, ES, EN)

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