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 How you can help

  • Volunteer!


    HELP US BY VOLUNTEERING APROP Animal Shelter cannot exist without volunteers. Actually, it is a completely volunteer operation. Every single day of the year we need people to keep all Read More
  • Foster!


    HELP US BY FOSTERING Most of the animals that arrive at APROP haven´t really had a nice childhood. We get kittens and puppies left in our outside kennel, people bring Read More
  • Donate!


    HELP US BY DONATING APROP depends on your help. The Pego counsil only funds a quarter of our expenses. We need to pay for rent, water, food and medication and Read More
  • Become a Member!

    Become a Member!

    HELP US BY BECOMING A MEMBER Members are important to APROP. We need their support, morally and financially, to achieve our goals. As a member you will be invited to Read More
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