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 How you can help

Every single day of the year we need volunteers to keep all our residents in clean housing, well fed and medicated. We have two shifts a day which is hard work, especially when we have over 30 dogs and over 30 cats to look after. But is also very rewarding and you even get the chance to play, cuddle or join our group of dog walkers.
Maybe you would like to foster an animal to tide them over for their forever home. Fostering helps cats and dogs to learn how to behave and in some cases learn how to be loved. All expenses are covered by APROP, food, medication, vet’s bills, everything.
No living being on earth will be as grateful as a shelter dog or cat. All of them are looking for a home where they feel warm, safe and loved. So why not adopt one of the many in our shelter?
The Pego Council only funds one third of our expenses. We need to pay for rent, water, food and medication and vets bills. Food, cash donations and pet accessories are all welcome.


Financial donations can be done in the following ways:



Donations can be done by bank transfer. Our Bank account is

IBAN ES52 3058 25857327 2000 5772, attn. APROP, Pego.

If you want you can add a special purpose for your donation.

You can transfer your donation using PayPal. Our account is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Please be sure to click transfer for friend or family, otherwise APROP needs to pay commissions.

Donate €1 per month via the Teaming scheme. Our teaming group is called APROP Protectora d´animals de Pego, follow this link
Cash donations can be done at the shelter itself, or to volunteers you know. Apart from that, look for our collection tins in various shops, bars, vets, in Pego and surroundings.