Golden Oldies

6 Reasons for adopting a senior dog.

1. Behaviour issues and medical history are known

Puppies are lovely, cuddly and hard to resist, but when grown up, how will they be? What personality will they have. Any medical issues? When adopting a senior dog, many of these issues have already come to light and are part of the dog’s adoption story. 

2. Already housebroken

Even the loveliest puppy will need to be potty trained. Moreover, most puppies will explore the world be chewing on everything, including your new couch and your favourite shoes.

Senior dogs, on the other hand, usually arrive already housebroken. There may be the occasional accident as the dog adjusts to a new home, but most of the work has already been done.

If ruined rugs, chewed up shoes and other accidents do not really appeal to you, a senior dog is the answer.

3. Exercise and food requirements are lower

Senior dogs still like to go out for a walk or a swim, they do need some exercise, but this is nothing compared to the needs of young dogs. If you´re looking for a nice quiet companion, the senior dog is the best answer.

4. Trained, but willing to learn more

Training puppies and younger dogs is quite some work, and it needs to be done to have a well adjusted family member. Senior dogs know how to behave, which makes some additional training a fun activity.

5. Love and be loved

All dogs will love you to bits, but the senior, rescued, dog will appreciate his new family big time.

6. Give a golden oldie comfort, love, security, a home, a couch, everything he needs and won´t find in a shelter

No further comment needed,I think.





We have some more  mature ladies with us at APROP, all looking for a final place to call home. None of these wonderful girls have had an easy life with any of the normal comforts that you would expect a dog to have. The warmth of a home, the love of a human friend and the safety and security that brings, regular food, veterinary care, shelter from the elements, sterilization just to be free of the chance of another litter to care for. 

But despite all that they are all just the best dogs, sociable, playful, affectionate and loving. Please, if you are considering adopting an older dog, come and meet our senior girls.


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